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SEEED Reunion Gathering

SIPJ held the inaugural reunion of SEEED JobsForLife alumni on 19 August 2017 at Hotel Armada in Petaling Jaya. The first SEEED programme began in Kuala Lumpur in January 2015, and was followed by a second programme in Pandamaran, Klang and a third in Kapar, Klang in 2016. Representatives from the three batches of graduates attended this…

Top Volunteer Malaysia Award 2016

SIPJ congratulates our SIROM delegate and SPOT Project Lead Siti Aishah Hassan Hasri for receiving the “Superelawan of the Year” award –  on behalf of Project Transformation Rural Youth (TRY). This was the highest award presented at the first ever Volunteer Malaysia Awards – A Prime Minister’s Award event, which was organised by 1Malaysia for…

Two New Members for SIPJ

At the end of SIPJ’s 4th Business Meeting on 24 August, we were very pleased to induct two new members to SIPJ – Puteri Bahjah and Nallini Swaminathan. The meeting ended with birthday celebrations for SIPJ Past-President Kim Fong and President Dhama.    

Graduation of SEEED JobsForLife 3

On 16 July 2016, SIPJ held the graduation of SEEED JobsForLife 3 at Kapar, Klang. Catch the energy, passion and action of our young leaders of tomorrow. View their business presentations and celebration of success in this short video of the Graduation & Finale of SEEED JobsForLife in Kapar, a Youth Empowerment Programme of SI…

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