SWP EEC – Day 4 – Travel to Gold Coast, Australia

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The following day, Any Aryany from SI Jakarta, Chris Knight from SI Moreton North Inc and I left via Air Asia to Coolangatta Airport, Gold Coast. Chris had joined us in KL in her capacity as SWP EEC Project Coordinator and SISWP Friendship Link Coordinator. She was on the same flight as us on her way home. Little did she know that travelling with two SWP EEC ambassadors, she would have a lot of coordinating to do before she actually reached home!

What happened was that Any and I did not realize that our connecting flights left from Brisbane International airport early the next morning. And that Brisbane International airport was around 1.5 hours away from Coolangatta! We only realized this on arrival at Coolangatta around 9.15pm, when my connecting flight to New Zealand was at 7.50am the next morning.

Chris Knight immediately took charge and decided that we should go for dinner – and MacDonalds was the only place open – and then she would take us to Brisbane and find us a hotel near the airport. We had to drive around quite a bit to find a motel at that hour but finally found one at 1am. Chris saw us safely checked in and then left for her home. It was an eventful night but we had a blast, laughing and chatting – in true Soroptimist spirit. I will always be grateful for Chris’ kindness and generosity!

  With our saviour Chris Knight!

Chris and her two very happy SI sisters who were pleased
as punch to have found a motel!

Author: Kavidha Natarajan

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