SWP EEC – Day 7 – SI Lower Hutt and SI Upper Hutt

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The next morning, Jane Stent kindly dropped me at Sheilah Downs’, of SI Lower Hutt. Sheilah told me about the SI Chatline, which I’ve now signed up with, and it is great to be in touch with SI ladies all round the world! Sheilah took me for a delicious lunch at Elaine Moffat’s. It was lovely to meet Elaine and hear stories!

 Elaine Moffatt and Sheilah Downs

Then we went to see the other SI Lower Hutt ladies at the Dowse.

 SI lowerhutt

Here, I am presenting Sheilah with the SI Petaling Jaya pennant.

After tea, Sheilah dropped me at Gillian Buchanan, President of SI Upper Hutt’s home. In the evening, there was a dinner with the SI Upper Hutt ladies. I shared what projects SIPJ was doing with them and they were particularly taken with our Bachelor Auctions for fundraising!

 SIPJ Pennant to Gillian

Presenting SIPJ’s pennant to SI Upper Hutt President, Gillian Buchanan.

 Dinner with SI Upper Hutt

Dinner with the Upper Hutt ladies.

Audrey Harper, 89

This is Audrey Harper, 89, who has been a Soroptimist for over 40 years! She is extremely active, knitting blankets for the needy and she is also writing a book about Upper Hutt!

 Barbara Milford

Aside from Soroptimism, Barbara Milton is the patron
of an animal rescue shelter.


Author: Kavidha Natarajan

2 Responses to "SWP EEC – Day 7 – SI Lower Hutt and SI Upper Hutt"

  1. Jan Carr Posted on 07/15/2017 at 4:44 pm

    It is just great to see these photos which remind us of the pleasure we received from Sharon’s visit to SI Upper Hutt.
    Hearing about what other clubs are doing, in a very personal way, helps us all feel part of something great.

    • sharon8@gmail.com Posted on 11/14/2017 at 9:10 pm

      Thank you Jan… I hold very warm thoughts of all of you and hope we can meet again sometime!

      In Soroptimism,

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