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One day, while Sharon Saw was in New Zealand for the SWP EEC programme, her brother, Steen Saw, messaged her and asked if she wanted 30 roast ducks on 24 October 2013! She asked President Kim Fong, who promptly said yes.

So between SIPJ members Kim Fong, Sharon Wong and Sharon Saw, we decided to maximise the donated ducks. We asked friends to sponsor the ducks which would go to old folks homes and also if anyone wished to buy a duck for their own dining pleasure! Funds would go to SIPJ. Almost immediately, the ducks were all snapped up! A huge thank you to the kind sponsors of the ducks and all those who participated!

The home we delivered the ducks to is a home for abandoned and terminally ill old folks. Due to lack of funds, the old folks live inside a cemetery, in a room above a row of funeral casket shops. We came across this home from SIPJ member, Iza, awhile back, and under the leadership of Sharon Wong, SIPJ has been donating meals to them regularly.

SIPJ was very happy to give them a duck treat today!








Author: Kavidha Natarajan

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