Food for the terminally ill and abandoned old folks

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Time travels fast and it is the roast duck time of year again. Like last year, Sharon Saw’s brother sponsored some roast duck for SIPJ. On 20 August, Sharon Wong, Kim Fong and Sharon Saw collected the roast ducks, which were then distributed to an old folks home which SIPJ has been regularly serving food to.

sharon w and sharon saw with roast duck

Sharon Wong and Sharon Saw with a boot-ful of roast ducks! Kim Fong was taking the photo!

sharon wong and roast duck

Sharon Wong giving the roast ducks to one of the residents

A couple of days later, Sharon Wong delivered another treat!



Sharon Wong preparing

Here, Sharon Wong is distributing the food into individual packs.

delicious dish

Delicious dishes!

enjoying his food

One of the residents enjoying the lunch.

old folks enjoying the food


wheelchairbound having lunch

Everyone gets to have a treat.

William with packed food

Sharon Wong’s very kind and generous husband William (right) who always supports SIPJ’s work.

A big thank you to all the sponsors for the meals for this home, including Steen Saw, Puan Sri Siew Yong Gnanalingam, Kim Fong, William and Sharon Wong. Thank you also to Iza Liyana and Phng Li Kim for contributing towards the funds to continue to feed the residents of this home.

Author: Kavidha Natarajan

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