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SEEED JobsForLife stands for:
Soroptimists Educate, Empower, Enable Dream Jobs For Life.


Conceptualised by Dato’ Anusha Santhirasthipam, this programme of 12 Saturdays is an exciting and empowering programme for youths to succeed in finding their dream vocation! This is a unique opportunity for anyone who may be unsure of their career, how to start their business or how to land that job.

Over 3 cycles of 4 Saturdays per cycle, SIPJ will bring the best of their experience from their award-winning programmes Youth Against Social Ills (YASI), Supporting Hope in Education (SHINE) and Kampung Ku (KK).


Participants consist of Malaysian youth who are currently not in employment, within the age range of 18-25.

1st Cycle: Maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses
2nd Cycle: Self discovery and Nurturing for Self-employment
3rd Cycle: Direct mentoring and coaching – job application!

Dates for the programme:
7 February – Project Introduction & Orientation, Inspiring Opening Guest Speaker, Ice Breaker Exercises, Goal Setting & Vision
14 February – Personality Profiling & Effective Communication Skills
28 February – Take Charge of Your Life!
7 March – “Winning Media Campaigns & the Art of telling Your Story”, and Group Presentations, Appraisal & Feedback

14 March – Critical Thinking Skills and Problem Solving Techniques & Teamwork
21 March – Resume Writing & Preparing You for that Dream Job Interview
28 March – Mind Your Image & Create A Positive Impression
4 April – Success Habits of Highly Effective People

11 April – Mock Interviews and Intensive Coaching Session
18 April – Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!
25 April – Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!
9 May – Finale

Throughout the 3 cycles, we invited consultation & feedback. At the end of the programme, all participants will receive a certificate of completion. After the end of the programme, we will also track their progress over the next 6 months to 1 year.

There was no charge for participants to attend this programme, which was fully funded by sponsors and a grant from Agensi Inovasi Malaysia.

In addition, all participants received a free T-shirt and folder for their worksheets, which were sponsored by Gaea. Lunch and two tea breaks are  included.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Participants who are accepted on the programme MUST commit to attend all Saturdays for the duration of the programme.

2. Participants agree to have their participation recorded via photographs or video for the duration of the programme.

3. This programme does not guarantee a job at the end of the programme although SIPJ will commit to doing our best to help you get an internship or placement.

4. Participants do not have any right or other licence to use copy or otherwise use or exploit in any way any intellectual property contained in the content of this course.

5. SIPJ will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations that is caused by events outside our reasonable control (force majeure event).


Thank you Agensi Inovasi Malaysia, NCWO, iM4U, WIM for your support and all the professional trainers who have volunteered their time and expertise towards this programme.

Author: Kavidha Natarajan

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  1. Surjit Posted on 01/16/2016 at 11:01 am

    Pls advise how to register for the upcoming programme in Pandamaran.

    I am trying to get some ypuths to join in and wanted to find out more. On how to register them.

    Thank you

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