Day 3 of SEEED JobsForLife

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Day 3’s theme, “Take Charge of Your Life”, was led by the dynamic Dato’ Anusha Santhirasthipam, who is also the conceptualiser and lead for this entire pioneering programme SEEED JobsForLife for SIPJ. Her topic “Awaken the Leader in You” definitely woke up the participants to the possibilities within.

This morning, participants learnt the 25 Qualities of Great Leaders and took a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Test on the Law of Connection to discover their dominant communication style.

Now they are all set to work in teams, exemplify true leadership and better understand their team mates and built rapport. They were given a week to prepare for “The Apprentice Show” style innovative project challenges next Saturday, on 7 March, with the topic “Waste not, Want not”.

In the afternoon, “Fitness for Peak Performance” and “You Are What You Consume”  were the other topics covered by our expert trainers. Mr. Andy, a USA Accredited Fitness Trainer, first gave the participants tips on easy exercises to do to keep fit without needing gym equipment. He was followed by Dr. Sumithra Nadarajah, a Functional Medicine Physician, who shared much knowledge on nutrition and healthy eating.

Both were hot favourites with our eager participants who were keen to adopt a healthy lifestyle, implement a practical exercise and fitness routine and work towards healthier eating habits. All factors that will contribute to their long term health and wellness, improve their performance at the workplace and assure them of a better quality of life.

Today, all participants also received SEEED JobsForLife t-shirts, which were specially designed by Vilasani Pillay, Anusha’s daughter, all the way in Canada! The t-shirts were kindly sponsored by Gaea. A big thank you to Vilasani and Gaea!

Author: Kavidha Natarajan

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