Day 4 (afternoon) of SEEED JobsForLife

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On the afternoon of 7 March, we had the very exciting competition where there were presentations from the six groups of participants. This competition is an integral part of our SEEED Jobs For Life Programme to tackle youth unemployment through transformation and social impact innovation via a series of 12 Saturdays of special job preparedness, life skills and entrepreneurial development training.

The previous week, the participants had all been divided into groups of 6 or 7, and each group had to nominate a project head and decide what topic to focus on.

Theme: Waste Not, Want Not

Subject Requirement: An innovative community project that can be implemented for public awareness and education to encourage sustainable practices and protect the environment. This project should also attract sponsorship and support from local Government and media.
Topic Options & Goals:
– reduce water wastage and encourage conservation
– reduce, reuse and recycle household waste
– reduce obesity, encourage healthy eating and curb food wastage.
– reduce agricultural waste and encourage making of eco-products

Judging Criteria & Score

1. Originality and Uniqueness of Concepts – 10%
2. Creativity & Innovative Use of Materials & Technology – 15%
3. Fulfil Theme, Topic & Goals – 10%
4. Presentation Skills – 20%
5. Teamwork, Tasks Allocation & Project Management – 30%
6. Scope for Attracting Sponsorship, Media and Government Support – 15%


1. Kenneth Tan – representing Advertising & Creative Arts Industry and prospective employer and mentor.
2. Puan Sri Siew Yong Gnanalingam – representing SI and also highly acclaimed PR professional
3. Kim Fong – representing SIPJ and also successful entrepreneur in sales & marketing.
4. Lim Ee Lin from iM4U – representing local community interest group and highly experienced in youth campaigns via social media.
5. Panjalingam Pillay – representing Environmental Services Industry and prospective employer and mentor (with 30 years expertise in wastewater treatment, waste management and renewable energy).


From left, Panjalingam Pillay, Puan Sri Siew Yong Gnanalingam, Kim Fong, Kenneth Tan, Lim Ee Lin


The presentations were all informative and it was obvious that all the groups had put in much effort to create the presentations in just one week. At the end of the long day, the expert Judges were completely won over! SEEED Jobs For Life are producing Champions and Environmental Heroes!

Team Blue Sparks emerged the winners of the Group Innovative Project Competition with the theme “Waste Not Want Not”. Their revolutionary SPARKZYME project demonstrated all the components of key learnings from Cycle 1 training. They had clear and visible goals, a unique brand and originality, creative usage of multimedia technology, project feasibility and well-coordinated teamwork.

Congratulations to team Blue Sparks for winning – each member received a book voucher for RM50. All participants also received an SIPJ pen for a memento of the event.

Winners and judges


Author: Kavidha Natarajan

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