Day 7 of SEEED JobsForLife

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Day 7 of SEEED JobsForLife started with MAKEOVER TIME! “Mind Your Image & Create A Positive Impression” was the HOT topic by Cynthia Soh, Celebrity Stylist and TV Personality, and Founder of ColorNStyle. Participants of SEEED Jobs for Life brought their favourite clothing items and discovered what dressing brought out the best for their colour and body type. Grooming, posture and simple tips to enhance facial features were taught.

10 radio channel announcers from iM4Ufm 107.9 joined this special session and had an awesome time learning as well as bonding with participants to find out the transformation happening with SEEED Jobs for Life participants.

The afternoon was the all-important knowledge on money – given by Steve Lim, Chief Learning Officer of Affin-Hwang Asset Management, who spoke on “Mind your Own Money”, covering budgeting, investing and managing finances.

Author: Kavidha Natarajan

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