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As of today, over 7,000 have died in this tragic disaster, twice as many injured and hundreds of thousands left homeless. The United Nations has said the quake has affected 8 million people across 39 districts.

Half a million tents are urgently needed for the huge number of people forced from their homes by Nepal’s devastating earthquake, a government minister said Wednesday.

Minendra Rijal, Nepal’s minister of information and communications, said relief operations were underway but that much more needs to be done.

While there are thankfully several aid organisations like the Red Cross and UNICEF helping with immediate disaster relief, we have been in contact with our sister club, SI Kathmandu, to see how we can support.

Fortunately, we have received news from SI Kathmandu that their members are safe and well. In brief, this is the situation on the ground in Nepal. SI Kathmandu has 11 girls supported by their club with the help of various SI clubs at Kavrepalanchok district, one of the earthquake affected areas. To only provide the girls with tents and blankets would be unfair when 90 percent of the houses in the area have collapsed.

As such, SI Kathmandu has decided to distribute the very basic needs like tents and blankets there to as many people as they can whose houses have collapsed. Sindhupalchowk is one of the severely affected districts. SI Kathmandu is currently trying to coordinate with one of the Hydropower Projects located there for the transportation and secure distribution of tents and blankets there too. Funding for medicine and food are the second phase of aid. These are the initial plans of SI Kathmandu for now.

To support SI Kathmandu’s aid to those affected, SIPJ is collecting donations and sending the first batch off to SI Kathmandu by mid-May. This donation effort is coordinated by Soroptimist International Region of Malaysia.

If you would like to donate, please bank in the amount to SIPJ’s bank as per the details below.

Name of Bank: Alliance Bank
Account Number: 140370010024915.
Account name: Soroptimist International Club of PJ

Please email/whatsapp your deposit slip to or +6012 489 4891 with your name so we can keep track and for accountability. A receipt can be issued on request.

Secondly, SIPJ is having an Art Exhibition and Sale on the weekend of May 15-17th.

We will also be having a sale of Nepali artefacts – statues, mala beads, Buddhist scriptures, books – where 100% of all proceeds will go to help Nepal. You can also come and make donations to Nepal during the exhibition. Dates, venue and time are on the eFlyer below.

SIPJ Art Invite

See some of the items on offer here Support Nepal!

Thank you very much for your kind support.


Update from SI Kathmandu (1 May 2015):

Our two Soroptimist teams from Soroptimist Kathmandu, Nepal, went to Panchkhal, Kavre district and Sindhupalchowk district to distribute tents, mats and food on 4-30-2015 (yesterday).

The first team for Kavrepalanchok included President Radha Nepal, Secretary Dipa Khakurel, and members: Usha Thapaliya, Bhawana Rijal, Rachana Upadhaya. The second team included Treasurer Kabita Thapaliya and Program Action officer Uma Devi Badal.

The Sindhupalchok visit was made in joint venture with the authorities from the organization, Ethics and Virtues Institute of Nepal.

A very remote village named Sipa Pokhare ward no 3 was visited by our second Soroptimist team. There were 49 families altogether and all their houses had collapsed. The village had been out of reach from relief materials for five days and we were the first to reach them. We distributed 45 tents, 49 floor Mats and 125 kilograms of bitten rice, 50 litres of oil, 100 kilograms of salt, 60 kilograms of soya bean, 150 packs of biscuits and ropes.

Despite the difficulties in arranging transportation and the ongoing aftershocks, we are glad we could reach them and provide some immediate relief. The people there were most thankful.


(3 May 2015)
Dear Soroptimist sisters around the world,
We made our another relief materials distribution visit on 02-05-2015 to Koshi dekha VDC of Kavrepalchok district, one of the affected areas 65 km pitched and 7 km earthed narrow road from Kathmandu.

The team members were President Radha Nepal, Secretary Deepa Khakurel, Treasurer Kabita Rijal Thapaliya and Program Action Officer Uma Badal Acharya. We tried covering all ward of the VDC and distributed 133 tents in total to the authorised representative of 9 Wards of VDC for 133 families whose houses were completely destroyed and 40 kg of beaten rice to the most affected ward called Kalinjor. The program was successful and we were glad we could provide them shelter during this rainy season. We are thankful to the locals for their coordination. We are heartily thankful to our dear SI sisters Naddja Finckh, Karde Igel, Elke Biehlmeyer and SI Aalen, Germany for your support.

(5 May 2015)
Another visit to Panchkhal was made. The objective was to do a rapid visual earthquake impact assessment of the houses. Our team of engineers, including SI Kathmandu’s Secretary, Dipa Khakurel, who is a civil engineer at Nepal Electricity Authority, and her helpful engineer brothers, Sampurna Acharya, Sudip Subedi and Pradeep Dulal (whom Dipa and her club are heartily thankful for their valuable time and facilitating transportation) made the visit with SI Kathmandu’s President Radha Nepal.

They reached every single house of their club supported girls and also facilitated help for many houses of other villagers. After Deepa’s return to Kathmandu, she volunteered for rapid earthquake impact assessment for the number of houses in Ward no 5 of Bhaktapur in coordination with the Chief District Office, Bhaktapur.

(18 May)
A message from Dipa, Secretary of SI Kathmandu, when I asked if they needed items like clothes and blankets: The transportation of materials have proved very difficult as we haven’t yet received the materials we requested from SI India sisters though already being dispatched from there hasn’t arrived here yet. So money will be best as it seems.

We are planning to conduct preliminary pyscho social counselling training for around 35 people, including our Soroptimist sisters. We will dispatch some out to Ramechap district outside of valley and rest to orphanage homes in Kathmandu valley to counsel those little children who need it the most, among this fear of aftershocks.

We are also planning to distribute galvanized iron sheets for needy people in Dolakha district. We will probably conduct it Thursday. Ahh there is lot more to do and i will keep updating our activities. I will be in touch. Please take care.

More work by our SI Kathmandu sisters – with more financial support, they can do more:

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