Welcome Siti Aishah Hassan Hasri and Emma Harris

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SIPJ was very pleased to induct Siti Aishah Hassan Hasri and Emma Harris to our club at the end of our 3rd Business Meeting this year.

President Sharon Saw had met Aishah through Carliff Carleel, our dashing bachelor from our Bachelor Auction of 2007, who has been very supportive of SIPJ, especially at our 15th Anniversary dinner in 2009 and last year at WTT, he and his wife, Aishah, also came along! Aishah got in touch with Sharon earlier this year to present her SPOT programme which is a community campaign aiming to spread awareness of puberty related issues among girls. It was a perfect Soroptimist project as it is aimed at helping girls with regard to health and education. She came to meet us during one of our SEEED Saturdays and we were very impressed with her energy. Best of all, she immediately wanted to join SIPJ.

Just for some background about Aishah, she was awarded her Bachelor of Performing Arts from University Malaya in 2014, She has been involved in over 45 theatre productions and over 20 local television productions (as an actor). She draws and paints and she is very interested in Community Work and Arts. She has contributed as an artist and performer for Kakiseni’s first International Art Exchange Program AEXKL2012, which featured a collaboration of 18 artists from all over the world. As a University Malaya Student Ambassador, she served under the wings of the International and Corporate Relations Office of University of Malaya. She has also served as an enumerator for University of Malaya Medical Centre in a HTMC Flagship Project of “Diseases Among Urban Community: A Community-Based Participatory Action Research”. She is currently Yang Di Pertua for Belia WAWASANITA, an NGO focusing on empowering women entrepreneurs.

She will be leading Project SPOT, a community campaign aiming to spread awareness of puberty related issues among girls aged 9-13. And SIPJ will be organising a large fund raising event to get Project Spot going. Spot aims to carry out programmes at 50 schools, and each eight-week programme will cost RM3,500 (inclusive of a Spot box for each girl participant. Each school will have approximately 50 girls).

We met Emma Harris through Belinda Campbell, one of the SWP EEC Ambassadors of 2013 from SI Auckland. Emma graduated from the University of Auckland with a Law and History of Art degree in 2009. She was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand in November 2010 and has been working since then in commercial law, first at Buddle Findlay, Auckland, then Foodstuffs North Island until she moved to Kuala Lumpur in March 2015.

Soon after her arrival in KL, Emma had volunteered at our SEEED JobsForLife programme as well as assisted us with organising the participation of her partner, Mike Farrance, who gave a talk to the youth participants at SEEED.  She has also attended our Business meetings and needless to say, we are thrilled to have Emma join us!

A huge warm welcome to these two lovely ladies!

Sharon pinning badge on Emma

Sharon pinning the Soroptimist badge on Emma

Sharon pinning badge on Aishah

Sharon pinning Soroptimist badge on Aishah

SIPJ with Emma and Aishah

Welcome to SIPJ, Aishah and Emma!

Aishah and Emma

Author: Kavidha Natarajan

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