SEEED 2 – Session 3

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SEEED JobsForLife Youth Transformation & Job Skills Development Programme continues.

At the third session on 26 February 2016, participants had Intensive Practice on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills with Peer Appraisal and Facilitators hands on throughout the day.

We were amazed by their confidence, improved self-esteem and articulation as they took turns to reveal to us their life goals or causes that they wish to champion or issues that they are passionate to talk about. A great training session by Kavidha Natarajan of UNIDIGEST and wonderful supportive teamwork by our facilitators Janice Kwok, Sheela Hari Krishnan, Chye Sun, Kim Fong, Firdaus Daus, Rachel Koh and Amirin.

group girl presenting1 malay girl presenting girl presenting

Author: Kavidha Natarajan

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