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SEEED JobsForLife stands for:

Soroptimists Educate, Empower, Enable Dream Jobs For Life.

The third programme is now being run in Kapar, Klang.





Conceptualised by Dato’ Anusha Santhirasthipam, a pioneering programme for youths to succeed in finding their dream vocation was launched and completed in 2015. This was designed as a unique opportunity for anyone who may be unsure of their career, how to start their business or how to land that job.

Over 3 cycles of 4 Saturdays per cycle, SIPJ brought the best of their experience from their award-winning programmes Youth Against Social Ills (YASI), Supporting Hope in Education (SHINE) and Kampung Ku (KK) to a group of youth in Kuala Lumpur.

Participants consisted of Malaysian youth who are currently not in employment, within the age range of 18-25.

1st Cycle: Maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses

2nd Cycle: Self discovery and Nurturing for Self-employment

3rd Cycle: Direct mentoring and coaching – job application!


This programme involved an initial 41 participants and completed with 32 full graduates, 18 of whom secured employment by Graduation Day, 10 went on to secure Tertiary education with Career Preparedness & Knowledge Development, and 4 began working from home as self-employed home-based entrepreneurs.


At the end of 2015, SIPJ won an award to run two more SEEED JobsForLife programmes. In January, SIPJ launched SEEED JobsForLife 2 at Pandamaran Klang.

What is unique and innovative about SEEED JobsForLife Phase 2? It is not just a training programme to enhance employability. It is a Life Transformation programme that includes mindset development, mentoring, personal empowerment coaching and job placement or apprenticeship that brings out the best potential in a young person’s skills and talents. The programme has opportunities and incentives to develop self-esteem and talents, identify leadership potential, foster teamwork and build community relations, ensure meritocracy and long-term resilience.

Phase 2 sees the return of some STAR PERFORMERS from Phase 1 to act as “catalysts” and help to facilitate and improve interaction among new participants as well as provide early warning signals to troubleshoot and revive flagging commitment. Phase 2 will reach out to some leading corporate organisations in Klang to provide job placement and internship/apprenticeship for successful graduates who complete the programme and are graded as job ready for available vacancies.

SEEED2 group

The first day of the Pandamaran Session!


graduation pandamaran

Graduation of the first programme based in Pandamaran, Klang was on 10 April.

The second SEEED programme of 2016 is based in Kapar, Klang.


Please see our facebook for more photos of this project:

The first session of SEEED JobsForLife 2016 at Pandamaran, Klang, was an exciting turbo-charged affair as participants…

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