SI International President and President-Elect visit SEEED

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On 28 May 2016, SI International President Yvonne Simpson and President-Elect Mariet Verhoef-Cohen, brought by SWP PP and Convention 2019 Chair Puan Sri Siew Yong Gnanalingam, visited SIPJ’s project SEEED JobsForLife in Kapar Klang. SWP PE, YSM Chairman and SEEED Project Lead Dato’ Anusha Santhirasthipam was present to welcome our honoured guests.

President Yvonne and PE Mariet shared inspiring messages, personal development stories and mindfulness activities with the participants, who were very excited to meet them.

Our expert trainer Chye Sun Ong was conducting workshop modules on Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Time Management on that day, and SEEED participants took part in problem-solving and creativity challenges. The winning team “The Shiners” received prizes from President Yvonne while the other teams received consolation prizes from PE Mariet and Puan Seri Siew Yong Gnanalingam. What great memorable moments for our participants whose lives were personally uplifted by our wonderful global leaders!

Visit to SEEED Kapar1

Visit to SEEED Kapar

From left: Dato’ Anusha, President Yvonne, PE Mariet and Puan Sri Siew Yong

Visit to SEEED Kapar - Pres Yvonne1


Visit to SEEED Kapar - Pres Yvonne


Visit to SEEED Kapar - PE Mariet

PE Mariet sharing passionately with the participants


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