Graduation of SEEED JobsForLife 3

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On 16 July 2016, SIPJ held the graduation of SEEED JobsForLife 3 at Kapar, Klang.
Catch the energy, passion and action of our young leaders of tomorrow. View their business presentations and celebration of success in this short video of the Graduation & Finale of SEEED JobsForLife in Kapar, a Youth Empowerment Programme of SI Club of Petaling Jaya.

This is a short video prepared by Kavidha Natarajan, one of our brilliant expert trainers and daughter of SIPJ President-Elect Sheela Chandran:

chyesun team

A message from SIPJ Hon. Secretary Sheela Hari Krishnan:

It’s not every day that you feel a sense of accomplishment and joy to be able to contribute towards the empowerment of our youth. We at SIPJ feel blessed and grateful for the opportunity to conduct the SEEED JobsforLife 10-week training programme with the help of our corporate sponsors under MCII, SIPJ members, volunteers and esteemed trainers at Kapar, Klang.

The students who came from different backgrounds and some were from challenged environments had their graduation ceremony yesterday. They had to present a viable biz project proposal and they astounded us with the effort and presentation. Bravo to these youths and it goes to show that what a little bit of love, training, guidance and support can do to empower their young souls towards greatness.

A special thank you to Dato Anusha Santhirasthipam for creating this programme and dedicating love and time to allow us to work on this programme and we have successfully completed 3 phases over the span of 1 1/2 year.We hope to see the learning continue for our graduates and their success in getting a job with their new found tools for success.

A message from MCII CEO Elmarié Potgieter:

Today was a very emotional day for many of us at the Kapar graduation of the SIPJ SEEED Jobs for Life initiative. This was the second cohort of students who completed a nine-module programme designed to equip them with a range of soft and job-related skills such as project management, social entrepreneurship, personal and time management etc.

I felt so privileged to be given the opportunity to be part of MCII and the collective effort to make a difference to the lives of these young people, many of whom come from such difficult circumstances. An event like today also confirmed the need for community-driven solutions. As I looked at the proud faces of parents for whom the confident public performance of their children was a first and unique experience, I can only hope that through MCII we’ll be able to bring about sustainable change to the Klang community.

The students were divided into four teams and presented their business proposals. The audience was impressed by their confidence, the level of in-depth research and planning skills as well as their great IT skills. We hope that they will find job opportunities or internships as a result of the SEEED programme, or, as also targeted, a clearer career goal and understanding of their next steps. Parents and students that I spoke to testified to the growth in confidence and clarity that resulted because of the programme and I am sure that our sponsor, AIM, will be pleased with the potential long- term impact on the lives of the youth.

MCII will be encouraging SIPJ to track the two student cohorts over the next 3-5 years. Furthermore, we will encourage capacity building and train-the-trainer programmes to ensure that the programme could become a continuous community-led initiative in the near future.

Well done to all who contributed to the success of the programme, especially to Dato Anusha and her team of SIPJ committee members and volunteers who helped make today so special. Special thanks to Puan Sri Maimon and Alia for attending as well. Great to have you there!


Author: Kavidha Natarajan

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